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Are you ready for positive change in your life? Perhaps to shake off the shackles that are preventing you from being the best you can possibly be? Or would you just like to feel more confident?


Discover your own path to real change

We often take the powerful connection between the mind and body for granted. Yet in hypnotherapy, you’re given the key to make positive change in your life…and we’re here to make it happen. We work eclectically, drawing on a range of tools, including Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Timeline Therapy, our approach being tailored to your individual needs.


Find yourself in your own calm space

Hypnotherapy is safe, non-invasive, relaxing. Its value has been recognised for centuries, and can give you the soft landing place where you’re able to reflect inwardly and to change your habits and behaviours.

Helping you live your very best life

We can all have feelings that can be hard to handle. We can all feel anxious, stressful and worried at some point in our lives. Indeed, in our ever-changing and overly-demanding world, it’s not surprising that more people are currently suffering mental health issues than ever before. You are not alone.

Recreating a natural and peaceful state, hypnotherapy through Positive Changes opens the door to healing your mind and your body. Repairing. Rejuvenating. Inducing positive and lasting change.

It’s a bit like daydreaming. You may find yourself entering this state when you’re experiencing complete relaxation. It can happen when you’re driving down a familiar road, standing in a queue, reading, watching TV, mowing the lawn or just relaxing. It’s a perfect, natural and peaceful state which we enter many times each day.

It is not a long drawn-out process. Our role is to help you find the key to making change happen as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. Working closely with you, we can determine if you need to regress back to find the root of the problem, or whether we should use future progression to change your actions.

So whether you’re having to deal with stress, depression or anxiety. Whether you’re looking to improve your confidence and self-esteem. Whether you have specific goals in mind like weight loss, coping with bereavement or stopping smoking, Positive Changes is here to help.

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