Rebalance your emotions and find peace

Do your emotions sometimes run away with you? Or do you ever act as if your feelings have no part in what you do, as though you’ve lost touch with yourself and who you are? Counselling enables you to reflect and to explore your feelings and to achieve better emotional balance and inner harmony.

It’s good to talk

Counselling and Psychotherapy is a general term to describe any psychological therapy that involves talking. You may also hear talking therapy being referred to by the terms counselling or psychotherapy. Counselling can help you to work through the issues and circumstances which may be causing you difficulty, often bringing immediate relief and enabling clarity of mind and inner resolution.

Significant events such as bereavement, grief, trauma, stress, anxiety, confusion, redundancy, loss, marriage/relationship breakdown, a general sense of unhappiness, isolation, depression, or a desire to break free from unhealthy cycles of thinking and behaviour, enhancing a clearer sense of self and creating corrective emotional experience.

I provide a peaceful, relaxing, non-judgmental space encouraging self-reflection and exploration of any issues. This reflection process brings new resourceful realisations, creating positive change(s) by either accepting a situation or making profound new choices

Talking, thinking, actioning

There are different types of talking therapy. Finding the right therapy for you will depend on your problem and exactly what you are looking for. For example, cognitive behavioural therapy focuses on how your thoughts can affect how you feel, and aims to change these. With vast experience in a range of talking therapies, we can help you decide which method is most appropriate for you and your wishes.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Tap away your feelings with EFT, a simple yet powerful way to overcome negative emotions that are creating obstacles for you, giving you emotional freedom, peace and balance.

Releasing Emotional Trauma

Using repetitive sets of eye movements, Desensitisation and Reprocessing EMDR enables reprocessing of traumatic memories/events, reducing their negative effects and encouraging healing and progression toward health (positive emotions and higher self-regard).