Confidence for young children to thrive

From anxiety and low self-esteem issues to habit disorders like nail-biting and sleep difficulties, hypnotherapy is highly effective in addressing these issues and in establishing new patterns of behaviour that help children grow in confidence and resilience.

Resolving growing pains

It’s easy to forget that young people have a lot to deal with. Growing up brings with it different challenges at different times. Children experience all kinds of relationship and friendship changes including peer pressure and bullying.

Then there’s hormonal instabilities, pressure from the school environment and, at times, having to cope with parental conflict. These feelings of anxiety can reveal themselves in all kinds of habits and behaviours, many of which are unhelpful to the confidence needed to move from childhood to adulthood.

Establishing new behaviour patterns

Hypnotherapy is a proven and reliable way to reach out to children who are experiencing such difficulties. Young people often respond quicker than adults do, primarily because children have highly active imaginations, which is key to the success of hypnotherapy.

At Positive Changes, we can find what the underlying issue is, establish new patterns of behaviour and help make those new patterns of behaviour automatic and repeatable.