Find yourself in your own calm space

Hypnotherapy is safe, non-invasive, relaxing. Its value has been recognised for centuries, and can give you the soft landing place where you’re able to reflect inwardly and to change your habits and behaviours.

Harness your inner strength

At Positive Changes, we believe we all have within us the capacity for change, and the resources to do this. Hypnotherapy empowers you to feel in control of your emotions and thought processes.

In promoting calm, relaxation and mental clarity, we work alongside you to help you harness your own strengths and resources, manage your fears and anxieties and ultimately restore your self-belief and resilience.

Experience powerful healing

Through the relaxation of hypnotherapy, powerful healing happens. During our sessions, you will learn effective techniques which you can take away and use as and when you choose.

Together, we take a journey from the weight of previous problems and issues, to the lightness of release, and strategies that enable positive changes, in the ways you’re looking to change. Overall, our clients find it a hugely liberating experience.